if you are not satisfied with our service, you may request a refund. paystubx only initiates refunds under certain circumstances. We ask that you read the Refund Policy before requesting a refund. Please be aware that our customer support team has final determination in making decisions with regards to issuing a refund. Refunds will be initiated only when:

  • You’ve subscribed to more than one services.
  • Website is not loading and the issue is coming from Paystubx server.
  • You are not able to edit (spellings and others) the generated stub due to server down or website issue; other than these three issues there will be no refund. Refunds will not be initiated for the following:
  • Issues that aren't mentioned in the refund section.
  • You don't like the pay stub.
  • You're not going to use the stub anymore.
  • You're not sure about the calculations.
  • You decide to change the information on your pay stub completely, i.e., Employer Name, Employee Name, Pay period or Payday. Refunds will only be initiated in cases when you are not able to edit any of the information.
  • You want to edit information in the pay stub after 48 hours of the pay stub creation and payment.
  • If you are not a unique user (Yes, our system will check to determine your uniqueness based on various parameters) in order to utilize the first stub free.